Auto Detailing

We offer full detailing, which includes exterior, interior, and engine cleaning.

  • Exterior work consist of 5 stages: car wash, clay bar application, removal of light scratches with medium rubbing compound, removing swirl marks with glaze, guard and shine your car with protective wax.
  • Interior work includes leather conditioning, dashboard detail, upholstery and carpet cleaning.

We use only quality auto detailing supplies, like 3M, Mothers, Meguiar’s and other trusted industry products.

Please know, a true auto detail job is labor intensive and takes between 6-10 hours. The 2-hour detailing offered at car wash centers is a mini version of what we offer our customers.

Wheel Refinishing

We offer repair and refinishing for most types of alloy wheels. This service is especially useful on lease returns. It can save you from being charged by the dealership.

We can also paint or powder coat most standard wheels.

Window Tinting

We offer traditional and ceramic tinting (very good for skin protection).

We also offer a Lifetime Warranty that your tinting will not discolor or peel.

Vehicle Dropoff

You can drop off your vehicle 24-hours a day / 7 days a week.

There is a designated parking spot and a key slot for after-hours drop offs. All we need along with the key is a your information and how best to contact you the next business day.

Drop off your vehicle today!

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